What right do we have…

Troubled times befall us all and we struggle to stay calm and see things from any other points of view except for that of our own. 

I myself have been in this place, blinded by sheer ignorance to my cause because at the time I believed it to be the right one. This showed my ignorance and inexperience leaving me with nowhere to hide, exposed to all and left subject to people’s chastision, this showed me what I was missing and made me broaden my perspective which confirmed my resolve to my cause… luckily for me on this momentous occasion I was right.

We all allow ourselves to be blinkered in shadowy times, only focusing on what we want to see. It is difficult to accept when we are being this was and as a result we attack anything that conflicts with our interests. 

Endless questions form, we ask “what gives them the right?!”, what gives any of us the right? Nothing is the answer, all we can hope is to do is stay strong and hold our resolve because in the end that will prove the belief that we desperately protect… if that is our belief is the right one.

Self delusion is a sin of man, convincing our self that we know best and we know more than anyone else when really we only know snippets of the story, because, after all a story is only really a point of view. 


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