So many wander aimlessly. They avoid eye contact at all costs, their attention absorbed by the technology held hand in hand, when did we lose are sense of freedom and become reliant of inventions and trinkets? 

We are all heading towards the path of our own extinction and the saddest part is we’re completely oblivious to it.

I myself am no exception, I to find the allure of cyberspace a welcome escape from this stagnating world at times. The places I used to visit in years past were once filled with vibrant colour, born from the guided hand of mother nature are now gone, replaced with walls of grey. 

The world as it once was is slowly being lost to the shadows of the monumental colossus that towers in the sky. True feats of man’s engineering genius eclipse the landscape of that which once was, soon there will be nothing left of the old world, only fragments of memories and relics in places, with those lucky few people who remember the world of the past. 

“You and I are relics of forgotten times and traditions. Each year are numbers diminish, one day we will be gone and when that day comes the world’s Will once again move on.”