No More

“Don’t ask the questions if you don’t want to hear the lies.”

Words of a weak and pathetic excuse for a human being. So blinded by insecurities and wants that they’re unable to see the harsh realities the lay before them.

After suffering such indecencies one would think a lesson was learned, clearly not. The futility of perusing this course of action filled with lies, deceit and omission to the face of the one who stood by throughout is unforgivable.

I have lost faith in such people who recklessly allow themselves to be manipulated by the masquerades.

Tired I have grown of the seeing the endless histories repeat themselves, each time causing more damage.

“What right do you have?!”

I renounce you. No longer will the thoughts, feelings or choices of the weak plague my mind, no more… No more.

All fates seem inevitable for those who welcome them.