Sun & Sea

As the sun bounces of the sea and the wind brushes across the sand for a brief moment everything seems right in the world.

Adults relaxing with no prejudice so person or race,
Children playing, laughing and more,
If only all days were like this, the world would be a more peaceful place.

Do we ever really take the time just to take it all in,
To listen to the oceans waves,
So pure and free of sin.

This life we can have, all it takes is faith,
The promise of compassion is like a warming hug with its arms wrapped around us,
In this isotopic world we can all feel safe.

We have the power to forget and forgive,
Devine actions such as this are like shooting stars, blink once and they are gone,
If we can all make peace with our past we can take a special gift, the chance to live.