Menacing Qi

It was as if a knife with a blade sharper than razors edge had been thrust into me, waking me from my dreamless sleep.

As I lay there with nothing except silence surrounding me, I can feel a strange Qi emanating from an unknown source. This particular Qi felt sickening, like there was a thousand bad thoughts and feelings flowing through one single person at the same time. It was the feelings of fear, guilt and regret that I could feel the most.

After suffering a night of broken sleep the feeling is no less prevalent. Something is wrong. Like a black storm cloud following me wherever I go, it disrupts my thoughts.

Through meditating I manage to control my thoughts and clear my mind, I can’t explain why but I need to find the source of this energy and quickly, for I fear something bad is about to happen.

It feels like someone’s world is about to be destroyed.

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