You’re not Alone

There are people who will struggle, fight and struggle some more all because they feel it is their duty too. Never stopping to think about themselves, always pressing forwards and taking on the tasks others will not, governed by their pride and resilience they press on.

We all know these people, those who are strong and just in their actions. We all know these people, what we don’t know is on the inside they are screaming at the top of their lunges to be heard. Like a sound shrouded in a cloud of smoke their silent cries cannot be seen so they are ignored.

Asking for help is not something that comes easily to these people, the best thing to do is just let them know you’re there for them, you will support them, you will listen and wait for them and above all else let them know you care about them.

No one wants to be alone, it is very rarely a choice willingly made. Sadly it is often the outcome of decisions that have to be made at times, remember though, if you are one of these people there are people in your life who will stand by you no matter what, those are the people you can call on when times are hard.

Never fear standing alone, and never fear asking for help when the odds are stacked against you.

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