Opened Eyes

People fear that which they do not understand, that fear turns to anger and that anger turns to hatred, leaving the world filled with a prejudice that is not understood yet accepted because the alternative is to hard for simple minds to comprehend.

What is the alternative? Acceptance.

We grow up with prejudice thrust on top of us, if we do not conform we will also suffer the same fate and be cast aside like a broken toy.

This morning I saw two acts one of benevolence and the other was so malevolent it made me burn with rage.

A young man was with his daughter who suffered an affliction leaving her debilitated, and unfortunately not long for this world. His eyes held a look of love for his daughter that I have not seen before, so pure and unwavering as if he would sacrifice anything for her, such emotion is rare in this age. We began speaking and he told his story and his views before he had his child, he was frightened and unsure of how he would cope, it would mean giving up his life for this little girl.

He explained when the choice came he made it without hesitation for this very reason.

“No matter what life has been given to you good, bad or indifferent, it is life and it is precious. Everyone deserves the chance for the best life they can have, if I can make this a reality for my daughter then I will because making her as happy as she can be will be the most rewarding and perfect life for me that I could everever ask for. If I can do this for her with the time she has left then I have no regrets, no matter the sacrifice.”

This moved me to the point of tears, such a selfless act was rare and warmed my heart, what followed took me to the very edge of my control.

What can only be described as a vile creature of a man walked past with his equally devolved partner glaring at the pair because the man’s daughter was becoming restless uttering words so cruel and spiteful I cannot bring myself to repeat them. I felt an anger overcome me and I burned with rage leaving my table I was on the verge of losing control, I felt a gentle touch on my arm and as I turned the man said toto me, “let it go, they are not worth the effort and if you drop to their level they have already won.”.

His words calmed me enough to let the walk away, he truly did not care what people said Because in the end it didn’t matter. Shortly after he left with his daughter, It’s fair to say that seeing all of this has opened my eyes to just how narrow minded we really are and if one day we can all have a ounce of the humility that this made had the world would be a much better place.