Child’s laugh

The laugh of a child so innocent and pure,
Free from the corruption and Tyranny of the world,
We hear them laugh, we smile and they laugh more,
It makes us see the world as it once was pure and straight not yet twisted and curled.

When did we lose our laugh?
We forgot how our smile we decided to flee,
Our toys and stories replaced with charts and graphs,
All that’s left now is the dull world we see.

It’s bitter and twisted because we forgot how to smile,
To smile and laugh at the simplest of things,
Lucky for us there’s a lot we can learn from the laugh of a child,
We can still learn wealth is more than just diamonds and rings.

Wealth come from the heart and the times that we smile,
These are the treasures worth their weight in gold,
So sit and think even if only for a while,
Your treasures and gold as you grow old will be the smiles and stories you’ve told.

So laugh like a child.