Sands of the Mind

    Memorioes are never cast in stone, rather written in sand.

    Nothing is ever predetermined in our lives, we are governed by our memoirs and past experience, ruled by not only our own history but also the history of others. We make decisions based on what we think the outcome will be and are often left surprised by how differently things play out, so why do we never learn?

    Our memories are but mere scribe in the sands of time yet we refuse change it for other possibilities, in doing so we run the risk and pre-judged the situation incorrectly and perhaps getting it so wrong, this leaves a wound in our pride and a resilience to accept that yes, we were wrong.

    As beautiful as memories can be, they can also be dangerous. Some are filled with hurt that cause us to make choices which in hindsight cause more damage than we ever thought possible.

    Try not to hold onto such memories, allow the sands to blow away so new memories can be written in them, past experience is what helps us grow but holding on to that which caused us so much hurt will only serve to plant the seeds of malicious intent in our futures.

    I speak a lot of letting go, of making peace with one’s self. This task can seem impossible and for me this is the reason why, I hold on to some memories for protection when all they really do I hold me back, life cannot be lived unless you keep writing in the sand.