What right do we have…

Troubled times befall us all and we struggle to stay calm and see things from any other points of view except for that of our own. 

I myself have been in this place, blinded by sheer ignorance to my cause because at the time I believed it to be the right one. This showed my ignorance and inexperience leaving me with nowhere to hide, exposed to all and left subject to people’s chastision, this showed me what I was missing and made me broaden my perspective which confirmed my resolve to my cause… luckily for me on this momentous occasion I was right.

We all allow ourselves to be blinkered in shadowy times, only focusing on what we want to see. It is difficult to accept when we are being this was and as a result we attack anything that conflicts with our interests. 

Endless questions form, we ask “what gives them the right?!”, what gives any of us the right? Nothing is the answer, all we can hope is to do is stay strong and hold our resolve because in the end that will prove the belief that we desperately protect… if that is our belief is the right one.

Self delusion is a sin of man, convincing our self that we know best and we know more than anyone else when really we only know snippets of the story, because, after all a story is only really a point of view. 


our cage

We yearn to be free,
We remaing in our cage,
Our cage is save and that’s all we see,
Our life stops as we fill with rage.

Our gilded cage is the face we wear,
The cage is a mask of who we wish we could be,
The mask is a lie that we wear out of fear,
Each of us hide, so the world cannot see.

What life is not.

Life is not simple,
Life is not fair,
Life is a paradox of people who claim to care.

Life is not short,
Life is not easy,
Life is filled with people both kind and sleazy.

Life is not the future,
Life is not the past,
Life is the moment you’re in and the feelings that last.

Life is not over before it’s begun,
Life is not the time we spent with other people,
Life is confusing filled with heart ache and fun.

Life is not theirs but ours alone,
Life is not a given it’s a gift,
Life is what can warm this heart made of stone .


So many wander aimlessly. They avoid eye contact at all costs, their attention absorbed by the technology held hand in hand, when did we lose are sense of freedom and become reliant of inventions and trinkets? 

We are all heading towards the path of our own extinction and the saddest part is we’re completely oblivious to it.

I myself am no exception, I to find the allure of cyberspace a welcome escape from this stagnating world at times. The places I used to visit in years past were once filled with vibrant colour, born from the guided hand of mother nature are now gone, replaced with walls of grey. 

The world as it once was is slowly being lost to the shadows of the monumental colossus that towers in the sky. True feats of man’s engineering genius eclipse the landscape of that which once was, soon there will be nothing left of the old world, only fragments of memories and relics in places, with those lucky few people who remember the world of the past. 

“You and I are relics of forgotten times and traditions. Each year are numbers diminish, one day we will be gone and when that day comes the world’s Will once again move on.”


Money cannot save us.

All your money cannot save you, the fates are the same for is both my friend,
No matter the wealth, treasure or trinkets we all meet the same end.

You live a life of possession and lust, searching for more, treading over people day by day but what you don’t see is you lose their trust.

All your power cannot save you, each day time plays out and we grow old, a simple fact you refuse to hold true.

Humble was my life, want for more IAll your money cannot save you, the fates are the same for is both my friend,
No matter the wealth, treasure or trinkets we all meet the same end.

You live a life of possession did forego, I smiled each day and laughed and cried, at least my life was not a wealth of lies.

Butterflies Wings

Trust is like a butterflies wings, Beautifuly strong yet fragile, Easily damaged and even easier to break. A butterfly cannot survive without its wings just as people without trust.

Some seem surprised at my ability to simply cut off those closest to me.

How can you do that?” Is the question asked by many, the answer is simple. Experience. We all have ethics, principles and beliefs yet when something conflicts with one of these it has the potential to escalate into something much worse… something that I do not wish people to see.

A deep underlying flaw in my character that stems from troubled times, times of violence.

In times past I was not above seeking out the cause of the problem and eliminating it by any means, be those verbal or physical. Anything that threatened that which I held dear would be reduced to ashes in the wake of my anger. For many years I struggled to understand and learn ways in which to calm the fires of my soul, and in time I achieved this and now it takes exceptional circumstances to break this control I have over myself, as strong as it is it’s not absolute.

When these circumstances are met I can feel myself slipping, my thoughts become fractured and incoherent, random some may say. When this begins to happen I retreat and find comfort in isolation and meditation, if my thoughts continue to revert or are still disrupted I find myself with only two options both of which will end in loss.

One is to surrender to the side I keep locked away from the world and confront the problem, the second is to remove all that is intrinsically linked with the tormenting ethical clash and walk away.

I have walked away from people who I once could not imagine life without only to see them in years to come with a perfect sense of hindsight. That is why I walk away, experience has taught me it’s the best way.

If one chooses to step into quicksand knowing what it is and the potential dangers leave them be, they will be ok for a time, slowly sinking until there is no way out, that is unless they choose differently or have the strength to pull themselves out.

We are all saddened by loss, sometimes though, it’s inevitable.

No More

“Don’t ask the questions if you don’t want to hear the lies.”

Words of a weak and pathetic excuse for a human being. So blinded by insecurities and wants that they’re unable to see the harsh realities the lay before them.

After suffering such indecencies one would think a lesson was learned, clearly not. The futility of perusing this course of action filled with lies, deceit and omission to the face of the one who stood by throughout is unforgivable.

I have lost faith in such people who recklessly allow themselves to be manipulated by the masquerades.

Tired I have grown of the seeing the endless histories repeat themselves, each time causing more damage.

“What right do you have?!”

I renounce you. No longer will the thoughts, feelings or choices of the weak plague my mind, no more… No more.

All fates seem inevitable for those who welcome them.

Sun & Sea

As the sun bounces of the sea and the wind brushes across the sand for a brief moment everything seems right in the world.

Adults relaxing with no prejudice so person or race,
Children playing, laughing and more,
If only all days were like this, the world would be a more peaceful place.

Do we ever really take the time just to take it all in,
To listen to the oceans waves,
So pure and free of sin.

This life we can have, all it takes is faith,
The promise of compassion is like a warming hug with its arms wrapped around us,
In this isotopic world we can all feel safe.

We have the power to forget and forgive,
Devine actions such as this are like shooting stars, blink once and they are gone,
If we can all make peace with our past we can take a special gift, the chance to live.

Looking Up at the Sky

I look up at the sky,
I think of you and can’t help but smile,
As the birds in their pairs swoop by,
I want spend more time with you even if only for a short while.

To hold you close and wipe away your tears,
And say lasting words that will always remain,
Those words will banish all your fears,
Words to help you forget the pain.

I think of you every moment of each day,
Silently smiling,
Thinking of all I have to say,
Like a song bird who sings.

The words will flow,
True and fair,
To tell you that which you already know.