My moon and stars

You are my moon and my stars ,
You are the sun I’m the sky,
You are the reason I’ve come so far,
You are the one I want and I know why.

You make me smile,
You never make me laugh,
You keep me walking this lonely mile,
You are the reason I can answer they why.

You are the one I choose,
You are the one I don’t want to lose,
You are the one who made me happy again.


Obsession with Possession

It’s not what people have got, it’s what they are missing that matters most.

Too many are infatuated by their possessions, they want things, they need things and for all the material trinkets in their life, no matter on what grand a scale, all of these things count for nothing.

Meaningless items that are a symbol of status, a reflection of empty souls seeking desperately to fill the eternal void and never finding enough.

They seek that which cannot be bought, they seek that which cannot be taken, they seek that can only be given from one person to another.

A persons heart.

No amount of things can ever secure the heart of another. A heart is not something that you can ever buy.

Some will never understand that when someone gives you their heart, give you all they are. Something so precious is worth more than all of the wealth in the world because they will be yours and in return you will be theirs.


Who Protects the Protector?

Countless times I have helped people from the shadows, keeping my nature concealed and just helping when I am needed.

Over time I have done more than help some, I have protected them for no other reason except it’s the right thing to do.

So tell me who would protect me?

I find myself balanced on a knife edge, one side holds so much promise and the other nothing.

To fall into her arms and let her in completely, to give her a map of my very heart and soul, to give her all of me… She would have the power to cut me deeper than anyone thus far, and if I’m honest it frightens me to let go that far again.

Or do I hold my guard for a little longer risk falling in to nothing, it is no better or worse because in the end nothing is just, nothing.

To be totally exposed I would once again be alone, the choice is then hers to save me from the peril of the exile i suffer in my own soul, to be the one who protects the protector.

All I have to do is trust her.

A girl who I would risk anything for is waiting to herself let me in and take that blind jump into the abyss and either fall or fly, if she falls I will catch her.

I best not keep her waiting then.


I find myself becoming overwhelmed with emotion lately, it hits me without warning and leaves me with a thousand thoughts, a thousand unrealised realities that are just too much.

I have let “Sophia” in so quickly, I have given away so much of myself I want to give more, I want to give her everything and yet I hold that last part back, that last part of myself. 

If you could see the world I see you would want to sleep and never wake. So much pain, so much suffering… being able to notice the smallest things and constantly watching people fall despite the help of those around them. I fear letting her see this part of me, she does not need such a tainted view of the world.

Why is it when the potential to have everything we want arrives we hesitate? Why do we feel undeserving, unworthy? 

Our pasts leave us cautious. We want to believe in the happy endings, life is no fairy tale though.

I have found that when I am not with her I want to be, to hold her, to look into her eyes, to be hers. All I have left to do is step of the edge, if my gut feeling is right it’s worth it.

“If you wait for the right time you will look back and see everything that yo missed while your waited.”

A Tale of Woe

Your Tale of Woe is yours to share,
With your friends and family, and all those who care.

Your Tale of Woe needs to be heard, to show your strong and not deterred,
do not hide beneath a veil, take a stand so you can prevail.

Your Tale of Woe shows how strong you are, so fearless and kind and that you’ve come far,
Don’t let this story become for end, your pain will vanish and your heart will mend.

Your Tale of Woe has made your more,
So tell your story of how you’ve soared.

A Place of Eternal Rest

The chill in the air this morning was refreshing, the sun was breaking across the horizon and glistening across the dew on the field. As I walk past looking at such beauty a black cat crosses my path, we both stop and stare into each other’s eyes. The intensity of the piercing stare emanating from the cat was hypnotic, all I could do was stand alone looking unable to break eye contact, it was as if it was looking into my very heart, my very soul and casting judgement on me.

The cat approaches me, as I kneel down it curls up close and begins to pur bringing a smile to my face. What seemed like frozen time was only minutes and I felt the cats pur become softer each second, it’s breaths weaker and weaker until there was nothing. No sounds, no breath, no life.

Still kneeling beside this now lifeless animal I was taken back by what had just happened, just like that one life passed from this one to the next. I feel a tear roll down my cheek, moments pass and I suddenly realise that even though we may hide so much in the end no one wants to be alone, not even animals.

This cat had been searching for a place to lay in eternal rest and it found me. It found a comfort in that of a stranger, I will never know what possessed it to stop and come me, nor will I forget the way peered into my very being.

“Sometimes no words need to be said, no speeches, no grand gestures of love or gifts of meaningless value. Sometimes just being there is enough because in the end we all must meet the same fate.”

What Stops Us?

We stand in our own way, we create doors with locks so complex we tremble with fear. In our mind we hold back, not only thoughts also feelings because it is easier to fade to black rather than step in to the light.

What sits in the hollowed ruins deep in your subconscious, always there yet never spoken?

A grand door residing amidst graves of memories past, magnificent in its stature with a presence so terrifying I dare not approach it, the resonance of hurt trickles from this place. I peer through the gates of the grave yard, each time I see the stones have words etched in then, unable to make them out I turn my attention to the door and wonder what is behind it.

So many questions I want answered, all it takes is one choice and I will have them.

Why then when I find myself in the far reaches of my mind standing at this spot time after time? What draws me back here? Curiosity, habit or something else.

I fear what I may find on the stone, I fear what might be behind the door… because I already know what it is. 

“Let go of fear and take that step, let go of doubt and walk on through, let go of it all and discover what you’re searching for… It’s you.”