The Unknown

We all fear the unknown, we fear the loss that we could suffer, we fear taking those steps through what seems like an endless tunnel with no sign of an end or glimmer of light to guide us, but what is life without taking a step into the unknown?

Each time we leave the comfort of the world we know it frightens us, it terrifies us leaving nothing but a frozen vessel with the consciousness of a person. We find these moments take our breath away, unable to move or even speak we just stare silently afraid to make a sound and risk shattering the perfect silence the surrounds us and the risk of losing the comfortable world we protect ourselves in.

We fear what we say because once said it can never be unheard.

I have been in this place more times than I care to remember, each time though taking a risk because what is life without that step into the unknown? True enough the potential hurt that could be the consequence of my choice grows but then so does the reward for such an act.

By no means do I have all the answers but what I do know is to grow in life and live it to the fullest we must understand, we must listen, we must step out of our comfortable little self created world’s and become apart of something different, become apart of something more.

We must realise that we will always be alone until we accept our need for others.

So take the step into the unknown and risk it all because once we learn to do this we will all finally have the chance of truly having everything.

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