All She Wants

You would give her the world, all she wants is your smile,
You would take her places across countless miles,
When all she wants is still your smile.

You would shower her with silver, diamonds and gold, all she wants is you to both grow old,
You would give her the life of that of a Queen,
When all she still wants to grow old with you and be seen.

You would buy her love because it’s that which you yearn, all she wants is you to learn,
You would try and take that which can only be given,
Now she walks away and you’re never forgiven.

You should have listened, you should have learned, you should have grown,
All she wanted was your feelings to be shown.

6 thoughts on “All She Wants

  1. What she didn’t know if all he give her was a smile, she would feel like she was growing old too fast because she didn’t get the world, go to countless places, or receive silver and gold….compromise and communication could have saved them both and forever would have been theirs!!!!

      • I agree that the “faith of Love” is more important than the giving of materials, I was just stating that most women don’t seem content with the bare minimum unless they are receiving everything and vice versa….they dream more than living the dream. Satisfaction isn’t a emotion most humans practice, always looking for more in forever. So, if you truly just want a smile, him to be presented, and to see eye to eye; that is beautiful. I am a fan of simplicity and honor whom ever shares that belief because I know they are someone that can truly find “Love”!!!!

      • That’s what I thought (just wanted to check) :). It’s a shame we are conditioned to always look for more, still the older we get the more we learn and the easier it is to be happy. Youth really is wasted on the young.

      • Youth is given to the young so they can age with no regrets….happiness will only come to those that realize when they have it. Only than will they be smart enough to maintain it by not wanting more but honoring they have it all. We are on the same page….I enjoyed this discussion (or I am enjoying it if it’s going to continue)

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