The Last Chapter

The once noble knight, now fallen into his own darkness and chaos waits.

He stands in a blossoming field open and calm with the skies as clear as a still river.

A man approaches, his footsteps can be heard on the gentle wind. The now fallen knight smiles as he turns to see a face from the past.

Both men of honour, they relinquish their armour until they have nothing but their swords.

“So it is you”
“It looks like this is how it has to be”
“It would seem so”

Both men laugh. The skies begin to darken and the thunder begins to roar. As the rain falls from the heavens onto these warriors they take up arms.

Poised, waiting….

Lightning strikes the ground between them splitting the very earth, with roars as proud as lions they charge one another.

Clashing swords and thunderous screams can be heard that shake the very mountains.

Flurries of skill and strength can be seen, witnessed only by the ancestors in the heavens and the gods of old.

The men are equally matched one with commanding strength and mighty blows, the other with skill and graceful accuracy, neither one can best the other.

Blood begins to fall from each, the ground beneath is stained red.

The battle wages on, the knights both tire and yet still relentlessly fight. Their swords now damaged so close to breaking but neither will submit.

Landing strikes, blow for blow they both grow weak…. Looking across the now blood stricken field they both smile and take one last charge.

Time itself seems to slow, both raising their swords ready for one last swing, They both glide past one another, stopping mere steps after.

Silence falls as the rains begins to stop and the clouds begin to clear, both men still standing they drop their swords, they turn and walk towards each other.

As they approach the last few steps one collapses in to the arms of the other. Smiling his last words are uttered, his last breathe taken he passes from this world to the next.

“Comrade, Friend, Brother…. You released me. I thank you”

Now free of all the chaos that resided in his heart he can finally rest.