Obsession with Possession

It’s not what people have got, it’s what they are missing that matters most.

Too many are infatuated by their possessions, they want things, they need things and for all the material trinkets in their life, no matter on what grand a scale, all of these things count for nothing.

Meaningless items that are a symbol of status, a reflection of empty souls seeking desperately to fill the eternal void and never finding enough.

They seek that which cannot be bought, they seek that which cannot be taken, they seek that can only be given from one person to another.

A persons heart.

No amount of things can ever secure the heart of another. A heart is not something that you can ever buy.

Some will never understand that when someone gives you their heart, give you all they are. Something so precious is worth more than all of the wealth in the world because they will be yours and in return you will be theirs.