A Place of Eternal Rest

The chill in the air this morning was refreshing, the sun was breaking across the horizon and glistening across the dew on the field. As I walk past looking at such beauty a black cat crosses my path, we both stop and stare into each other’s eyes. The intensity of the piercing stare emanating from the cat was hypnotic, all I could do was stand alone looking unable to break eye contact, it was as if it was looking into my very heart, my very soul and casting judgement on me.

The cat approaches me, as I kneel down it curls up close and begins to pur bringing a smile to my face. What seemed like frozen time was only minutes and I felt the cats pur become softer each second, it’s breaths weaker and weaker until there was nothing. No sounds, no breath, no life.

Still kneeling beside this now lifeless animal I was taken back by what had just happened, just like that one life passed from this one to the next. I feel a tear roll down my cheek, moments pass and I suddenly realise that even though we may hide so much in the end no one wants to be alone, not even animals.

This cat had been searching for a place to lay in eternal rest and it found me. It found a comfort in that of a stranger, I will never know what possessed it to stop and come me, nor will I forget the way peered into my very being.

“Sometimes no words need to be said, no speeches, no grand gestures of love or gifts of meaningless value. Sometimes just being there is enough because in the end we all must meet the same fate.”