What Stops Us?

We stand in our own way, we create doors with locks so complex we tremble with fear. In our mind we hold back, not only thoughts also feelings because it is easier to fade to black rather than step in to the light.

What sits in the hollowed ruins deep in your subconscious, always there yet never spoken?

A grand door residing amidst graves of memories past, magnificent in its stature with a presence so terrifying I dare not approach it, the resonance of hurt trickles from this place. I peer through the gates of the grave yard, each time I see the stones have words etched in then, unable to make them out I turn my attention to the door and wonder what is behind it.

So many questions I want answered, all it takes is one choice and I will have them.

Why then when I find myself in the far reaches of my mind standing at this spot time after time? What draws me back here? Curiosity, habit or something else.

I fear what I may find on the stone, I fear what might be behind the door… because I already know what it is. 

“Let go of fear and take that step, let go of doubt and walk on through, let go of it all and discover what you’re searching for… It’s you.”