Different Places

After spending the weekend surrounded by people with a shared passion for learning I felt inspired. Sitting is a park in central London I watch as the people go about their business without noticing anything else around them, or even caring.

As I watch I see the small acts of kindness that come not from adults who are aware and preconceived ideas, rather from children who see everyone as equal and nothing as impossible. A lady struggling with some bags up the stairs to the bridge was passed by countless people, I begin to stand and make my way over until a child no older than 6 helped her carry them up. I seems not all humanity has been lost in our modern world.

So why will people ignore those in need? Because it’s not their responsibility? Because they don’t want to be associated with that ilk? The reasons are numerous and all lead to a world filled with people who care very little about their fellow man.

Why should we help?…. Why not? How many times have we all be screaming on the inside, begging for help for no one to listen. To be left to struggle and find our own way…

Looking at life from a different perspective made me realise that I too have been harsh in some of my judgements. While I still believe every person hold their own greatness sometimes some people just need a little help, a need to be understood.

“Give more than you receive, love unconditionally and never be afraid to help.”