So many Thoughts


Do you listen to yourself? Or do you push those thought down in to the exile of your soul?

To listen to everyone else, to make choices based on everyone else, to deny your own feelings is only going to end one way…. Painfully. For so long you repress your thoughts afraid to speak out, afraid of what “they” might say afraid of being yourself.

Are we so damaged?

To live this way is not life, it is death. Giving up your own choice and freedom for nothing more than the fear of causing turmoil is a sad life to live. Each of as has endless potential, the only person who can hold us from this is ourselves and the demons we create in our own minds.

These demons are guarding all the doors and they are holding all the keys because, you allow them too. We allow others to influence your life all because it takes away your need to control, it would seem being controlled is easier for people because it means they have someone, anyone in their life constantly good or bad… They need someone, no matter the cost in the end.

Break free of the games in our heads, break free of this self imposed prison and make a choice without influence, make a choice for you.

Untapped potential lays inside. Everyone has the capability for greatness, the only thing that separates people from achieving this is their own fear.