Forgiveness and Trust

One cannot exist without the other.

Trust is a fragile thing that can be shattered at the very whisper of treachery. Once it is broken that trust is never truly reclaimed, why? Because you will never see things as you once did, your eyes and your heart are forever tainted with a dark shade that places the seed of doubt in even the simplest of situations.

The ability to understand people all comes down to one simple skill, listening. Through listening we grow close and trust builds, promises are made and friendships are born, the closer your friends the more you understand them yet still they make choices based on desire and insecurity.

Choices made lead us to see the past and all the little things we overlooked in a new light.

“it’s gone I have gotten rid of it.” A broken promise and empty words lead to the loss of more than thought possible.

Now it is my choice, I choose to walk away and not look back. The simple actions cause more damage than we realise.

Trying to justify reasons for people actions are beyond comprehension unless you look at it from their eyes. You see what they see and feel what they feel and you learn one thing, they just want someone.

We say we will always be there, and now matter what happens we are, in the end I guess everyone has their point of no return with a person, the point at which their actions just go that one step too far .

“I have witnessed enough pain to last a life time, countless people falling to the currant, being dragged away in the the sea of sorrow. Some I have managed to help pull back, other were beyond my reach and then there are those who chose to jump back in. The ultimate insult. So be it, choice is choice, we live with our actions and their consequences….. I just hope in the end it was worth it.”

Would you Help?

You see a bird fall from a tree,
Do you rush and help or leave it be?
While you wait and stand and think,
The fabled young bird begins to sink,
Now you choose to change it’s fate,
You waited to long for it is to late.

If you had a second chance,
Would you walk on without a glance?
Would you stop and stand and stare?
Or would you help and show you care.