The Easy Option

“No excuses, no justification, choice is choice. Accept the consequences.”

People will take the easy option when there is no choice left, or so they say. 

A cowards choice, they take this option because of their need for control, they can always control the easy option. 

So incredibly weak people have become, no honour, no pride, no sense of self worth. They only seek that which is within their control masking it with a veil of self sacrifice “I just want everyone to be happy”, “I just don’t want people to think I’m something I’m not” a selfish desire inhabits these shells.

Every action in this world comes from choice, we know the affects our choices will have, like a stone cast in to a still pond we see the ripples it causes. We make our choices…. We make our choices.

They always “need” someone there no matter who it is, a sad and disturbing fact because it leads them back to places they left behind, it seems they never really want to grow and would much rather be a loyal dog to a master than free and alone.

The excuses and words that follow the inevitable collapse of their world mean nothing to those who once helped before.

In the end the selfish choice they made for instant gratification leaves them truly alone, for the ones who once cared no longer have patience for such acts and leave them as they found them.


“Mistakes of the head are forgiven and often forgotten, it is the mistake of the heart that cost us so much more.”

Cutting Off

To see someone struggle,
To see them in pain,
We help all we can,
We play the fool again.

Our help thrown back at us,
Our warnings forgotten,
Weakness is a common trait,
Weakness will leave us down trodden.

Cutting off is the only choice,
Cutting all ties,
Waving goodbye to self imposed obligation,
Waving goodbye.

Let them go,
Let them fall,
Let them have what the want… Chaos and all.