Head down, shoulders raised, staring into the floor seemingly not allowed to look anywhere… a sad sight really. Maybe we only see that which fits our views? Maybe what we think we see is nothing at all.

Like a flower people all start the same and then they grow, they blossom and show what they really are. Some are humble and meek while others catch your eye even if only for a second, and then there are those that are beautiful, enticing…and deceptive. Often the most beautiful flowers carry the deadliest poison. Poison that takes effect slowly, flowing through your veins with each beat of your heart until it is too late and it takes hold… choking you, killing you from the inside out.

To see a flower such as this wilting should bring a satisfaction knowing how dangerous it can be. Even so it’s a shame to watch.

“People are like flowers. Always look and admire but approach with caution.”

2 thoughts on “Recluse

  1. Of course, people only notice that which is easy to absorb – anything outside the comfort zone is foreign to the mind and so goes largely ignored because they can’t or wont acknowledge it. No one likes to be hurt but no one is willing to grow a backbone and learn to walk a more difficult path.

    Ride the fire!
    there’s nothing you can do

    Let it out!
    Those doubts will soon concede
    Here I go

    Let it out!
    For that’s the price you pay
    For nothing stops me now!

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