“It’s those small promises, those small acts of kindness that mean the most.”

Once upon a time a promise used to mean something, a mans word was his bond, and his honour was paramount to him keeping the promises he made.

Now it seems words are nothing more than words, empty hollow vessels to convey a point or achieve a desire. Respect has been lost in the ether, vanished like pollen shaken from a beautiful flower.

No honour remains.

Empty promises fill the lives of many leaving tiny holes of doubt in their hearts, holes that trust and compassion leak from until there is none left and all that remains to a callus husk of forgotten dreams.

It is not the promises of exceptional circumstance that hold the keys to happiness, it is the small promises that are special and personal for each and every individual. We are all the same and yet all completely different.

Stay true to your words, do not allow empty vessels to flow into your life and tear holes in that which mater most. Mean what you say and day what you mean.

“It may only seem like something small to you, to someone else it could mean the world.”