Have we Lost Our Humanity

We see the crime and struggling in vain,

We see the pain,

We see the wrong,

Yet we still carry on.

We never stop to offer help,

We never stop for feelings felt,

We never care enough to stay and help another on a given day,

Yet we ask why help people and just walk by.

We no longer care about our fellow man,

We no longer care we just stop and stand,

We no longer help people in need,

Because we are filled with selfish greed.


Forgive me farther,
Again and again I’ve broken my vow’s,
My faith was weak.
So forgive me farther for I have done wrong,
I lost my way,
Each pain I’ve caused,
All the people I’ve hurt,
My faith has returned and I’ve found my way.
Forgive me my father for a chance I ask,
To prove my worth for something to last.