“We pass a stranger in the street with not even a smile or thought, sad to think that once we knew each other so well.”

To see those that once meant so much and now they mean nothing leave a tasteless bitter feeling, a feeling that brings a clarity known to only but a few people who have experienced a pain so absolute it tears the soul. 

We all would like to believe we can spot those who are real and those who are false, a delusion. We see only what we want to believe and it leads us to be played as fools, no matter how hard we try to convince ourselves it makes no difference, we got played.

All that is left if a hollow space, a tear waiting to be stitched back together.

To see things differently allows a unique perspective and a realisation that almost everyone is a mass of raw emotion stitched together with lingering memories of truths they wished were real. The sincerity of people is questionable, their resolve unsteady like a rock balanced on the edge of a cliff ready to fall. 

The more I learn the more I understand and the more mindful I become. To see how others think and examine every possible outcome, every feeling or action is exhausting, how can people live this way? Keeping my sanity only through a deepened sense of self belief I wonder how I can help those closest while still keeping a safe distance as not to be caught up in the whirlpool of emotion…

Understanding her pain is simple, helping her accept it is going to be more difficult.

“As you see an approaching face of stranger offer a smile, be not afraid to wear your pain like a shield to protect you. Do not fear being hurt again for one simple reason, remember all the days that came before the pain, remember all the days you were in love and you will have it again.”