Caught on the Wind

To be a feather caught on the winds with no idea of your destination or path may seem like freedom, many would relish in relinquishing their responsibilities and feeling free, sadly you would never be free.

You would be subject to the wind, you would have not control over your destination of the path of which you took.

You may find yourself falling, tumbling our of control towards a place filled with strife, pain and self pity with no way to stop.

To take responsibility for your actions, your choices and the consequences and learn from the mistakes you’ve made is the true path to happiness. Not happiness in what we have, happiness in who we are, happiness in being able to stand as say “I have lived my life and made mistakes, I have learned each time and that is why now I have everything”.

We have everything and nothing. We have the most powerful thing in the world. We have choice….

Now is the time to choose, the fall onto the winds like a feather and be carried to unknowing places or to choose your own path to follow and make your own future rather than live someone else’s.

“Live the life you want with your destination in mind, have your own dreams not someone else’s”