A Harsh World

“In the end we understand the harsh reality was what helped us surpass our limits.”

I have noticed that when people are put even the slighted form of discomfort is perceived as a personal attack, sending their mind spiralling downward towards thoughts that “im not good enough”… “i can’t do it”, it seems to reinforce their own negative image because it’s easier to accept it and give up rather than break those barriers they have created in their comfort zone to achieve something more. 

Our world is harsh and cruel, we seem to be constantly seeking praise for what we achieve not matter what it is. Some people give themselves to the world and never expect any praise, while others feel cheated when crowds of people haven’t fallen at their feet at their accomplishment of the simplest of tasks, all of this stems from our wrapped culture and distorted view of the world, when did the priorities of people become so obsessed with recognition and achievement and lose the simple secret of self belief and self appreciation?

One thing I’ve learnt is there will not always be a round of applause, there will not always be a pat on the back, there will not always be someone there to say well done or make us feel good so we must learn to keep going regardless. 

When the world seems too much to handle and everything is about to crush you, that is when you achieve heights greater than you thought possible! Smashing the mental barriers that confined you to a life lacklustre success and self doubt. 

The people in your life can be the harshest, pushing you to the edge of your limits until you almost break, but why? Because they see your potential, they see just what you can achieve and they know that once you let go of of your own doubt and self limitations you will achieve something much greater than you ever thought possible. 

“The ones who care the most are the ones who often seem the harshest.”