Suddenly Awake

“I do not sleep better than when she is in my arms.”

A sudden sharp stabbing broke my peaceful sleep brining me to a dark room filled with silence, where had this pain come from? I turn and look at the beautiful girl I held in my arms, why have a been given a second chance to be happy I began to wonder.

A girl so kind and compassionate even if only behind closed doors, she appreciates the small things, those moments that are captured in memory and relived time and again always brining a smile because you shared that moment together. I revile in the look I see in her eyes each day because it is one of sincerity and truth, why is it then I question this chance?

I can feel I want to let her in, too let go completely throwing any and all doubts to the wind regardless of the potential consequences, regardless of the chance of getting hurt again because she is worth the risk.

Waiting, watching for the opportune moment… I find my mind immersed with thoughts of her no matter the time of day.

People I’ve hurt, people I’ve forgotten, people I’ve lost.. they have all contributed to the penance I’ve endured these countless days since that ill fated day have brought me here. To a place where I can be happy, all I need to do is take that step and leap into the unknown once again and just be honest with my feelings.

She is everything I could ever dream of and more, we all deserve to be happy don’t we?

“Even now as I sit and think of her I can’t help but smile, I know she is enough and that is all that matters.”