Time to Rebuild

“I was weak, I was damaged, I was a fool. No more… I transcend and leave this place far stronger than ever before.”

My body has become weak and my mind had become fractured, for too long have I let myself seep into a miserable place of pity and self loathing for how I had let my body degrade.

The time for change was now.

There are times we all look at ourselves with disgust and wonder “how have we let this happen?”  We make excuses when all it ever comes down to is our own sheer tenacity and how far we are will to push to achieve our goals. 

I will not sit back and fade into the background, I will not wait for a miracle, I will do as I’ve done before and push myself to the edge of my limits and leave them trailing in the dust once I surpass them.

We all need to leave behind our past failures and ascend to new heights, beyond that we ever thought possible, the only thing that can hold us back is our own mind “I can’t do it” we cry time and again… No. We can do it, the desire to change is not enough, you want, you must have a need to change, a need to better ourselves from what we once were and to rise up and be marvelled.

“Listen not to the words or envious people, they only wish to hold you back. Push on and prevail!”