Shadowy Character

“You look to the shadows but hear not a sound, something is there lying in wait, preparing to strike.”

That which lurks in the unseen has begun to show itself, planting seeds in the minds of the weak, seeds to try and destroy that which is precious. This spiteful seed that was planted will come to nothing.

Why is it those jealous few seek to corrupt the world around them? As we sit back and watch their world and how the manipulate that which is weak, it becomes clear they will push for their desired outcome no matter the cost.

The weakness displayed by the first is nothing short of pathetic, creatures of control like this one buckle under the slightest form of resilience. The avenue taken was conniving and sly, it’s good to keep your friends close and your enemies even closer.

This is but only the start of the storm the approaches, the skies have darkened and the wind is still, all there is left to do is wait for the impending maelstrom.

“Each action has a consequence, so choose your actions wisely”

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