Smiling Again

“It’s time to take a chance.”

The once resounding pain that had lingered for so long had gone, as if it had never been there. I found myself once again smiling because someone had given me a reason too. 

Everything that had occurred over the past few days seemed so natural, I was almost hesitant because when something this good happens so easily normally there is something lurking just around the corner waiting to shroud things once again in darkness and misery. This time though, it would be different!

Knowing what I know now, there was not a chance I was going to let an opportunity to be truly happy pass me by. True I would have to take the risk of letting someone in and potentially end up hurt once more, but what is life without risk and besides I get the feeling she is worth it.

After sitting with her tonight and talking about anything and everything I found myself getting lost in her eyes, I had never noticed them look quite as beautiful as they did tonight. 

That look she had tonight, however, is one I hope I can keep there.

“Take the risk I said to myself , what have you got to lose? Why ignore someone who makes me smile and makes me happy? I think now it’s time to let someone in”

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