Each and Every Night

“Change can be beautiful or painful, often it’s both”

It is the same every night before I fall asleep, a memory always seems to surface and without fail cripples me.

Tonight was more painful than normal, when will it stop? A question I have not the answer.

Do you ever have those moments? That warm feeling of happiness, soon followed by a wrenching pain the sends us into recoil.

Torment can truly be continuous it would seem, I pray for the day the dull ache dissipates for the last time never to return.

Until then I just have to live with it.

“Memories are painful and leave our hearts crying out for more, sometimes the memory is worth the pain that follows.”

5 thoughts on “Each and Every Night

  1. I guess that out memories will always be there… We just need to create new ones to occupy our minds with. But at the end of the day you’ll remember them all… it’s not going to hurt that much anymore though. For me, the only peace I could reach was a bitter smile. And then I close my eyes and think of something else… preferably a silly little thing that made me laugh that day.

      • oh..similar.. it’s been my “best (greedy) friend” for years. It still happens sometimes. Today I would just refer to it as an old ghost passing by from time to time. Look at me giving it an identity and all 😀 haha…

        The truth is those moments are normal… when you carry some empty wholes in your soul there are some nights when you sit down on the edge and get lost in their darkness for some moments.

        I guess it’s fine to some extent. I always try to imagine that those empty wholes in my soul are the special ingredient in the recipe that makes me be me.

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