Shadowy Character

“You look to the shadows but hear not a sound, something is there lying in wait, preparing to strike.”

That which lurks in the unseen has begun to show itself, planting seeds in the minds of the weak, seeds to try and destroy that which is precious. This spiteful seed that was planted will come to nothing.

Why is it those jealous few seek to corrupt the world around them? As we sit back and watch their world and how the manipulate that which is weak, it becomes clear they will push for their desired outcome no matter the cost.

The weakness displayed by the first is nothing short of pathetic, creatures of control like this one buckle under the slightest form of resilience. The avenue taken was conniving and sly, it’s good to keep your friends close and your enemies even closer.

This is but only the start of the storm the approaches, the skies have darkened and the wind is still, all there is left to do is wait for the impending maelstrom.

“Each action has a consequence, so choose your actions wisely”


“The clouds that are in the sky cast a shadow, behind those clouds though is a light so bright waiting for break through.”

I think it is fair to say that my life over the past months has been filled with cloudy skies, I have weathered the storms and taken their thrashings from the rain and hale thrown at me and survived the repeated strikes of lightning that brought me to a single knee time and time again, the coulds that loomed over me have broken, the grace and beauty of the bluest sky has shone through and set me at peace. For now.

The voracious need for attention circles in the air, I have the feeling that something is coming.. I know not what it is but it’s something big that with threaten that which has brought so much light to my darkened soul, when this baleful presence steps out of the shadows it will find that the person who would once have been paralyzed with emotion will show there are no boundaries or risks not worth taking to protect that which has brought so much happiness back into my life. 

As I turn my thoughts to other things I find they always return to one place of late, a place that makes me smile.

“We are not defined by our pasts, when we are able cast off our pride for someone and let go that is what defines us.”


Destructive Words

“People will try to put you down for one simple reason. They want to bring you down to their level because they cannot rise up to yours.”

We all hear whispers on the wind, the echoes of accusation from those who see us as nothing more than dangerous insects that must be crushed quickly.

The ominous”they” will always talk, what place is it of ours to care what they say? Rumours, lies and slander will always exist in our world, the best way to deal with it is to simply walk away and ignore that which is said because in the end all there words are meaningless if we do nothing to indulge them.

Walking away will extinguish the flames that are rising beneath you, to retaliate and attack will only serve to stoke the fires, doing this you will be the cause of your own incineration.

A sad truth that many will deny is the worst words and most malicious lies come not from our enemies but our friends.

Friends who seethe with jealousy, their subtle little put downs and attempts to strike at our hearts often go unnoticed, each time thoughts try and manipulate our emotions, true friends support you no matter what. A vigilant eye is needed, once you have suffered betrayal you are purified to the sights of the true world and a cruel world filled with snakes it is, you will be able to see even that which you do not wish too, it’s a curse masked as a gift.

Accept everything you are and wear it proudly, when you do it can never be used to hurt you. Wise words I once heard.

“Listen not to the negative words of this fickle world, such words are only meant to keep you from ascending to heights beyond those trying to hold you down.”

The Journey

The journey was long and now it ends,
The path I followed has run it’s course,
The new life starts with both old and new friends,
The choices I make I feel no remorse.
To have a new path has set me free,
To look to the horizon with an eager eye,
To know as I walk it’s not only me,
To let the past go and never ask why.
These words of mine are honest and true,
These trials I’ve faced had choices to make,
These lessons I’ve learned carried me through,
These risks that I see are mine to take.

Drowning Thoughts

“She is drowning in a sea of thoughts and emotion that is clouding her judgement.”

“Sonia” comes to me again with a guarded smile, more natural than I have seen previously but still guarded. She has been told words that she wants to hear by a man who is playing a game, shrouded in mystery he is.

After learning from her he is already with someone I can see no happy ending for her, if he was as unhappy as he described and cared for “Sonia” as much as he claimed he would have made the choice no matter how hard and be with her, I’ve seen such games time and time again, intentional? Perhaps, either way it seems to me that he is “falling” for the idea of her because she is everything his current partner used to be.

“I know he will make me happy” she says to me, sincere as her words are they are said with a hint of desperation. After she has been so hurt I can understand her lust for companionship and love. The only advice I can offer is this “if you really feel that way then tell him, remember though if he felt as he claims he would not be making excuses why he can’t leave his Partner. It’s hard he says, I don’t want to see her hurt, it’s a bad time…” such excuses I’ve heard before.

My prayers are with her for the outcome she hopes for, personally though I feel she is not in the right place and wants something, anything that will stop her pain.

“Power without a doubt is in the hands of each person to choose their own course of life.”

To see

To see the past falling apart,
The vicious look behind their eyes,
How destructive they are together,
Seeing all this with not a stir of emotion because I’ve moved on.

I’ve found the girl of my dreams,
She was there all along,
Disguised as one of my best friends,
Now as I look back at the broken world that I’ve left behind I smile,
Because when I look forwards all I can see is my future,
And she is it.