Open Roads

“Letting people in is the hardest choice you have to make”

To know someone is to accept them, to allow people this knowledge you must first know and accept yourself. 

“Amelia” and I had begun talking more frequently again, having someone who you can almost let in immediately is a rare gift that many never experience, it seemed so normal and natural talking to her once again yet it seemed once more the timing was inconvenient.

Her fear was once again I was not ready. It would be easy to have a relationship with her because of how easy everything feels with her, she is the first person who seems to keep a constant smile on my face, so why was I not hearing anything from my gut? 

After the events of the past when we began spending more time together I let her in extremely fast, as a result of this I pulled back. I missed my chance and yet, she was still here.

“There is never enough time”

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