Beautifully Damaged

“A lesson learned makes you humble”

A whole year has passed and I think it’s fair to say I’ve grown more than ever before. The last year of my life has been filled with memories of joy and the elation of falling in love, I wish that could have been the end of it, sadly however it was also filled with lies, deception, betrayal and pain.

Funny really how we will all look for what has caused our past pains, the reasons and the excuses, mine came from a choice I made, I was the arbitor of my own suffering.

I chose to follow my heart and throw all caution to the wind. I destroyed a person because I followed my greed, I followed the insatiable lust I had, I followed feelings far stronger than I had ever felt before and as the reward for this leap of faith I found myself fighting an oppressing weight baring down on me. 

Falling to one knee I was almost crushed. The thing that gave me the strength to stand under this weight was a faded memory, a faded feeling, that was enough to help me stand again.

Logic was lost in the labyrinth of my mind, at each turn of a corner I was confronted with more devastating sights,I was fighting my own ouroboros, I was fighting my deep set flaws.

My capacity for cruelty, my apathy, my greed.

I emerged from the labyrinth of my mind with a different view on the world, a view of empathy. No longer was I afraid to let people in, those who try to keep everyone out only end up fighting themselves and its a lonely place to be.

There are those times in life that cause us to open our eyes and see things as they are. We see those who are our friends, we see those that understand, we see those who love us and those who want to use us. To understand the value of other people you must understand yourself, if you cannot understand your own value why would anyone else?

Watch for the people in your life who do the small things that make you smile, these are the people who truly care for you, don’t allow yourself to be blinded by greed, gluttony and envy. People who knows the little things about you are the ones who will accept the big things, good or bad, these are the people who love you.

We only get one life, why waste it chasing that which doesn’t matter?

Smile and talk to everyone, true not everyone will like you amd some may detest you and others will want you for the short while, but there are those who will love you for all you are and all you have been, they will also love you for all you have yet to become.

The secret is listening.

I guess you could say I had become beautifully damaged.

“Smile at others everyday, laugh with others everyday, give generously everyday and most of all accept yourself because once you do, so will everyone else.”

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