Seeking Answers

“We try too hard, striving for more, trying to force the outcome we feel we deserve. When all we need to do is nothing.”

“Malaki” is trying to claw back that which he has lost, seeing it happen each day is hard to watch, he becomes less and less himself each day. Speaking to him my words fell on deaf ears, like a ravenous dog clutching the smallest part of a bone he will not let go.

The maze he has entered is unforgiving, it will only serve to warp his reality causing him too see only what he wants, it will exacerbate his fears until he is lost, endlessly wandering through his self created prison.

The hardest thing to do is often the right thing, what is the right thing to do? 

Nothing. You do nothing.

To let go and continue with your own life, accept that which has happened because you cannot change it, more often than not it’s already too late. Learn from the mistakes you made, make your apologies, accept your mistakes along with theirs and let sleeping dogs lie. 

“Is it easy? No. Is it right? Yes. Do not think of yourself think of them, let them go and do nothing to stop them. In the end it’s the best solution.”

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