Cloudy Skies

“Behind the clouds that fill the skies is light, so no matter how unsure things seem, in the end the cloud will clear and you will see the light.”

There are chapters in our lives filled with joy, others with sorrow. One cannot exist without the other, like night and day as the suns light fades and the impending darkness grows ever stronger we get scared, hesitant, petrified like stone and unable to move because we cannot see, we have nothing to guide us, we are lost in a silent sea of nothing.

The night cannot last forever, the hope of that glimmer of light as the dawn breaks the darkness of the night is what gives us the strength, for those moments where we sit and watch the sunrise are more beautiful each time we see them, it makes us appreciate those times of radiant illumination. These are the times we can see clearly, no fear, no hesitation, nothing to stop us choosing what road we take.

This bliss cannot last forever. 

What you can hope for is the strength to embrace the night, without fear because each time you fall into darkness you know the no matter how long it lasts in the end the light will once again find its way into your life.