We’re only Human

“Even those with the thickest skin can still be hurt, after all we’re only human”

No matter the person, everyone has their limits. Once their limit is reached they react in one of two ways, some explode with rage, erupting like a volcano destroying everything in their path because of the endless repression of emotion they’ve housed for years of not feeling worthy. Others breakdown and fall into despair, they become engulfed in sadness, remorse and tears because no matter what they did, it was never enough.

We forget the words we use impact people, little by little chipping away at a confidence that once shone brightly leaving only a remnant shadow. In time when you hear the same things time and time again it takes a toll in the end.

Finally people believe that which they have been told, invariably it’s always negative which causes the fire they once had to be extinguished.

The Words that can stay in our head sometimes feel like knives in our hearts, until in the end, we fall apart.

We are not invincible, sometimes we all need help. It is not weak to need help, nor is it weak or foolish to help others, you might not recognise it now but one day even you might need help.

“Remember we are all human, well all have our limits”