Rays of Light

“No matter your situation, in the end the sun will break through the darkest clouds.”

Work appears to be returning to normality, everyone has forgotten the events that transpired only a few short months ago. 

Yesterday was a beautiful day, the sun was sitting high in the sky for all to see, and shared its warmth with everyone. I had been introduced to a young woman earlier in the week and we decided to meet properly, not planning on spending any great length of time together we get lost in conversation while walking in the sun.

As the day wears on the sun gets weaker and begins to set, we find a local bar and take refuge there from the night that draws in. More and more time is spent talking about our past, present and dreams, as more time passes by it turns out we had been talking for over 9 hours….”been a long time since I’ve done that”.

I take her home and give her a gentle hug, she pulls me close and holds me tight. We break from our gentle embrace and she looks up at me, we smile and say our goodbyes. As I leave one thought that is in the forefront of my mind is her eyes, she has very pretty eyes that hold a different look to that which I see everyday.

Self confidence. This woman had been through her own trials not too dissimilar from my own.

It was apparent that we were both on the same page, neither looking for anything but happy for the company.

I suppose you could say this was the first official “date” I had been on since that ill fated day, it restored a slight sense of faith in people that there are honest people who have been there too. Even with this slight restoration of faith I would not forget the lessons I had learned.

But maybe, just maybe I was finally letting go…

“The most beautiful eyes can hold the darkest hearts”