The End of a “friendship”

“In life there are those who grow with you a those who grow away from you.”

It would seem people really do change over time, my bitter friend and I had grown apart and while I wished no ills towards her, I did not see the logic behind her messages.

Over the time we had know each other our trust in one another diminished little by little, sad really, we were not the young children we once were, she had grown into a mature mother and devoted everything to her son, just as a loving mother should. 

I on the other hand had done the unthinkable and grown into my father… only the recent months had caused me to grown past who I was. We cannot ¬†change the past, nor should we want too because that is what makes us who we are today.

Reading her final message I did not deny many of her statements except for one “you’re bitter over you troubles with April” I was not bitter, damaged perhaps, still letting go of the pain that I had felt for so long… living without it seemed strange, almost erey.

As time passed I became consumed with my own self indulged grandeur and lost sight of what really mattered in life “the little things”. Even in the simple fact that I was selfish I always retained my honour and never spoke ill of people without making it know to them personally, considering her “ex partners” provocative talk with me I could see that she had been telling various versions of stories to people, of which she didn’t deny.

It’s behind us now, I will live my life and one day let go of that which haunts me and she will live hers.

I guess the only thing we ever had in common is that we are surrounded by people, yet we are alone.