We all have a Mask


“We have a mask to hide our true self for no other reason but that of fear, fear of condemnation and exile from those around us.”

As we go through life with our mask on we show people what they want to see, in time the mask’s fall away, we are left with who the true person is.

Some are kind, gentle and humble always willing to help and put others before themselves, willing to sacrifice anything to help. These people are often the ones who hide behind a mask of solitude, maybe it’s because each time they helped or cared their reward was pain and a disappointment.

Others seem kind and caring, filled with love for the world and all its creations. This is a mask that conceals greed, insecurities, anger and more, so much more. Pain and deception can be seen in the wake of these masked people, they use any and all means to get what they want and fulfil their own selfish desires not matter the cost.

A mask I see every day is one that hides sorrow and pain, a brave mask so that those closest do not know the trouble they suffer, and it’s a sad sight. Broken people just want to be left alone or so they think, personally I don’t think anyone wants to be alone, I think all anyone really wants is someone to listen without judgement and understand.

The power to listen is a gift lost in the sea of time; many are selfish and only want to talk about themselves… I have fallen victim to this self-indulged grandeur, I guess you could even say this blog is proof of that.

Do not be afraid to cast off your mask and be who you truly are, if you are a good person you have nothing to fear.

Speak and those who care will listen, you will see the mask’s fall away, you will see who people truly are.

What is behind your mask? Love, Kindness or maybe it’s something else… something bad.