“She wants to set me free and release me from the endless cycle of death and rebirth so my soul can rest. She cannot help but hold on tight, never wanting to let go constantly saving me from death when it is looming over me.”

“She is a living contradiction, she is the beautiful chaos that resided in my heart, she is the reason for my sorrow and my joy.”

“She is my goddess.”



“Beware not the enemy who stares your in the eye. Beware the friend who can’t look you in the eye.”

I find it interesting how people will see what they want to see, after speaking to an old friend who seemed filled with contempt for me without any reason I find out his motives.

As it turns out he had been told I was speaking maliciously and spreading bad words over social media about him, much to my surprise. When I was made aware of this I was confused because there is only one such place he would have heard information like this because all of my past hatred had gone towards only one person “Jay”.

In light of what he told me I thought immediately I wonder if this is where he had heard this information from…. A bitter friend. 

“Friends” a strange word when you really look at it, meant to mean mutual respect and affection. Most friends are of utility it would seem these days and once their use has been fulfilled they are discarded, I know who my most trusted friends are and there is only 3, although it seems one long term friend has become bitter at the fact that they were not one of these three.

I could be wrong, I doubt it because of the continuity of recent happenings. 

Real friends do not need praise for being friends, it seems the people of the world really do think everyone owes them something. 

“My friend, a bitter person I never expected you to be, you got offended simply because you were not one of my most trusted friends despite the length of out friendship. Friends we were but fully trusted? that is another matter. You have secrets you would not intrust to me but rather your “sister in bond” an mutual friend of our, do I take offense? No. Simply because that was not the base of our friendship, we had always been an ear to listen when needed, that goes for both of us…. when needed.

For you to be so bitter all because you did not get a mention as one of my most emotionally connected friends saddens me, The choice however is yours.”