What’s Your Dream?

“Mine is simple”

What’s your dream? I was asked today by “Jennifer”. Staring into the distance I know my answer instantly, I look at her, I can see she is anticipating my response to see what insights I.to my psyche it will give her.

“My dream is simple. To find a woman who I can love completely, giving her my 100% trust and in return she would love me in the same way. To find that person to share a life with and take on whatever challenges life has install. To have a life to call my own.”

A dream is a simple thing, something we hold onto when everything else fall around us. 

Winters Sunset

As the sun goes down and the night draws in

There is nothing to fear but the darkness within,

The stars awaken, so beautiful and bright,

Follow them for they are your light,

They show the path to take you home,

So you know that you’re never alone.