“Suddenly it all makes sense”

We fear the way we feel,

We hope to find something real, 

We find it once or so we think,

We give our love only to sink,

We drown, we’re smothered by these feelings,

We want to let go and start our healing.

It holds us back,

It turns our hearts black,

It slowly kills us from inside,

It all came from a simple lie,

It hurts to think of words once said,

It leaves us now filled with dread.

To hear these words from another,

To hear the same words from a different lover,

To feel similar but not the same,

To not let go of our pain.

This curse we hold will keep us here,

This curse I speak is called fear.

Fear of a love that once hurt,

Fear instilled so we feel like dirt,

Fear of those people who truly care,

Fear that grabs us by the hair,

Fear is lurking in our minds, 

Fear returns time after time,

Fear of letting another in, 

Fear of letting a new love begin.

Hurt you have been and scared you are,

Hurt you have been but you’ve come so far,

Hurt will fade and trust will return,

Hurt no more just remember to learn,

Hurt has vanished its time to move on,

Let them know you have now gone.



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