Twisted souls

Why is it people will go so far of their way to check on you?

After noticing both “April” & “Jay” following me on a social media site all I can so is sigh, what is wrong with these people?

What logic are they following? A desire for answers was beginning to burn strongly inside me, he seems incredibly paranoid as for her I just don’t know what goes on in her head anymore.

To be left alone and be free is all I ask, recently I feel like I am stuck in quicksand, no matter which direction I move I’m sinking.

My gut feeling is telling me something very disturbing, I have not intention of treading this dark road again. The chaos now residing in replacement of my heart will not allow it, even after the words from her parents something is not right.

“Maybe I have gone truly mad”


Scars on my soul,
Scars on my heart,
Scars that are buried in the dark,
Some can be seen on my skin,
Some stay hidden deep down within,
These scars are mine, they will always remain,
A life long reminder I once suffered pain.

The question is, are yours the same?