We’re The Same

“So many will think they are alone, the truth is we as all the same”

My hours upon hour of talking have given me insight into many secrets that people hold, the one unanimous truth I have learnt… we are all the same.

We all bleed when we are cut, we are all damaged. Regardless of this simple fact we will always convince ourselves that are situation is unique and we are alone, losing self worth and believe in ourselves because of the past afflictions we have suffered.

Some come close to breaking from the onslaught of pain they suffer while others are torn completely in two, each time we suffer a pain that cuts deep a pain of loss we die emotionally. We learn to accept the unchangeable past and move on so that we can be reborn, yet each time we are reborn we lose a little part of who we were. 

There are those who grow into a better version of themself rising like a Phoenix from the ashes, and others who remain the same but missing a part of their old self.

True some are stronger than others, we all need help at times and it takes strength to ask for it. We fear this simple cry for help as weakness, it’s not.

To suffer alone and slowly fade away, losing yourself, that is true weakness. 

Remember this, whatever you are suffering there are people in the world who have suffered just as much if not more, the more people you speak too the more you will realise this one truth.

“You are not alone”