The Price of Freedom

“Minutes to midnight is when they return”

The revelations of the past week have left my mind shaken, as if a stone has been cast into the still waters in my mind causing ripples to form outward in its wake. I had spent so long clearing my mind and regaining control of my conscious state of thought to only have it pulled from under me in one unexpected move.

Truth is gratifying, to be approached and receive the kind words was something I never expected and still they did nothing to heal the damaged my heart had sustained but I found my respect for “Kain & Lumina” grew to heights I thought impossible.

Is knowing that I was free from the web that had been woven enough to finally let go? It should have comforted me more than it did but now I had a burning curiosity to know what events transpired causing this to happen.

I have the temptation to simply reach out and ask why?

Still, these thoughts had taken me down a blurry path once before and for all my effort to help I remember the gift I was granted for the feelings I had, Betrayal and Pain. I was in no hurry to venture down that road again.

Love seems to be the one thing that can bring people to their knees, each time it does we become more and more callous losing apart of who we were. It would seem love is a loss not a gain.

You who have suffered can only keep moving forwards with a smile and leave the hurt and the pain in the past where it belongs; I was indeed now free, I had not lost myself even while I was steeped in dark emotions…. The price of this freedom was not looking back, not remembering the way I felt, never again allowing myself to think about her…

“The price of freedom is steep”