The Hour is.

The end is nigh as the hand strikes the hour,
All light fades to dark,
Hope and dreams leave our minds as we slip in to the world thereafter.

No hate, only joy remains as we are welcomed by the eternal light,
Born in darkness we search for the light which will set us free,
Through the shadows and darkness we fight,
Through the torment we seek thee,
We seek those who shall set all our fears asunder.

We search for the light so that we may bask in it’s glorious purity,
Many will fall in this search of glory,
The brightest light cast the darkest shadows and uncertainty.

Fear not the shadows reaching for your soul,
Head to the light and let your story unfold.

Leave nothing to fate or fear,
Embrace the light and accept what you hold most dear,
Fear not it’s loss to the shadows and dust,
The strongest blades eventually rust,
Let go of the fear holding you back,
Embrace the light the light that you lack.

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