The Perfect Place

“We find true understanding in that place between unfathomable rage and blissful serenity.”

I found myself awake at that precise time just as before, 2am. Only this time there was something different, the absence of any rage or serenity, instead a peace of mind.

Again led in the dark with only my thoughts everything seemed as it was but for this, my thoughts were no longer incoherent, random or without purpose no longer flourishing in uncontrollable waves leaving me subject to their will causing my emotions to spike or dip depending on the memory. 

Suddenly I had found that place so rare, I had regained control over my mind.

I now could choose my memories, painful or joyous the choice was mine. This now gave me a choice, I could keep cherished memories of the past I’m the forefront with lingering echoes of pain or begin to forget them entirely…..

To forget a memory can be a curse or a blessing, forgetting the memories of the past will free us from the chains and shackles that stop us having a future. 

There must be total omission of all memories and  any feelings attached to those memories, pain, sadness, torment and love, all must be forgotten.

“To forget and wipe the minds slate clean is the choice I make.”