Rising Rivers


“There’s subtle beauty to behold when standing next to a flowing river, pure and untainted it flows on its course uninterrupted and free.

Taking some time out through the day I begin to walk with no real destination or purpose much like a vagrant wanderer caught on the wind. The winds take to me a river where I sit and watch if pass me by, I lose track of time just watching it run its course until it vanishes out of my sight.

Rain starts to fall, the river begins to rise, I am reminded of memories long since pasted rising to the surface, but like the river they would run their course and return to whence they came, embracing them I feel no sadness only peace.

Sitting silent and still I feel the rain on my face and the cold chill of the gentle breeze across my back they felt cleansing, it felt like each drop was washing away each memory that had tried to surface.

I find myself smiling as the rain continues to fall drop by drop until it finally stops.

Following the wind I once again begin to walk with no real purpose or bearing, soon I reach the end of the river trail and decide to walk back to the world I had escaped. I see many people running to avoid the light drizzle left lingering; they see it as an inconvenience not taking the time to see its true beauty.

Arriving back to work I walk through the building and find my attention caught by a pair of beautiful eyes that not only housed so much joy and compassion but also a look of loss, it was almost like staring into a mirror, I smile and to my amazement the young lady stops to ask “how are you?” after sharing a brief talk I continue with work.

A person’s life can be seen through their eyes, their past, present and dreams of the future are all held here if we would only but look. They say the eyes are the window to the soul, I say they are the door to your heart.

“The brightest eyes often hold the darkest torment, the deepest scars and the greatest pains yet these people hide it well.”